Navigate STL Schools Press Kit contains information for media outlets interested in writing stories about the Navigate STL Schools school finder tool and parent resources.

Navigate STL Schools – Company Overview

Who We Are

At Navigate STL Schools, we believe that every St. Louis family has the right to local schools that serve the unique needs and interests of their children. We advocate for equitable enrollment, and share tools and transparent information about all traditional, charter, and independent schools in St. Louis City. We help families make informed decisions about which school is the best fit and help equip them with the tools they need to determine what quality education means for them.

What We Do

We compile impartial data directly from DESE for all schools within the city of St. Louis on one convenient platform, as well as providing individualized support to assist families in understanding and applying the data so that they are able to make the most informed decision for their needs. We guide families through the school search process, filling out enrollment paperwork, and providing resources to help support their child’s needs as they navigate through the education landscape. Our goal is to empower all families to redefine quality education for themselves and their children.

Our Story

Finding the school that will help each child succeed is a daunting task. St. Louis families have to gather and sift through various bits of information, weighing the value and reliability of one piece against another. This puts a lot of responsibility on families to conduct a school search and unfairly disadvantages those with limited time and resources.

In 2014, local parents built an online school guide called STLCitySchools with the aim of working collaboratively to give all parents fair access to school finding information, resources, and support.

In 2019, a non-profit organization was formed to build upon these efforts. Working with parents, educators, and community organizations, we’ve designed and launched the first-ever mobile school finder with a focus on increasing equity and access to information. The school finder is part of a larger effort to ensure all St. Louis families can find and access a school that enables each child to thrive.

Contact Information

5501 Delmar Blvd,
Suite 200A
St. Louis, MO 63112

By phone
(314) 408-2468

By email – General Inquiries

Press Contact
Rachel Nevels
Communications Director, Navigate STL Schools | 314-919-6762

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