8 Fun & Free Online Resources For Summer Learning

8 Fun & Free Online Resources For Summer Learning

Summer is finally here, but that doesn’t mean your students have to stop learning! Today we are going to talk about some online resources for summer learning.

In the wake of school closures all across the country, this season is indeed off to an unusual start. Many parents and students have already begun acclimating to life at home together and away from the classroom. Online learning has taken the place of traditional in-class learning in recent months and has become a new and necessary trend. But online learning should not end now that summer has begun. Making learning online a habit that stays with students all year long is a key to enriching and lasting educational outcomes.

There are a host of resources out there that can assist students and parents in staying committed to learning over the summer months.

Here Is A List Of 8 Fun & Free Online Resources For Summer Learning

1. EdNavigator

  • EdNavigator is a nonprofit organization of teachers, principals, counselors, and coaches dedicated to making high-quality educational support accessible for all families. The site features a ‘Resource Bundle’ for summer learning, which offers a variety of downloadable resources for planning out your child’s summer learning plans + several tips for making the most out of your summer learning activities.


  • WIDEOPENSCHOOL is a collective of more than 25 organizations that came together to compile online learning experiences for kids in the wake of the current crisis. The organization offers many resources such as daily schedules, free educational videos, courses for ALL areas of study, virtual field trips, and more! They also offer activities that can be completed offline for kids with limited access to devices and digital services.

3. PBS Learning Media

  • PBS Learning Media for students offers a variety of lessons, videos, interactive assignments for students from some of their favorite PBS Kids programs, like Sesame Street. Kids can even take a virtual field trip and parents can find information and tips on keeping kids engaged during the summer months.

4. Scholastic

  • Scholastic encourages kids to read, think, and grow all summer long by offering access to FREE resources for kids in Pre-K all the way to 9th grade. The site offers tips, tricks, activities, and challenges for students and parents.

5. Adventure Academy

  • Adventure Academy is an online educational gaming site for children. The games teach science, social studies, math, and language arts. Access is based on a monthly subscription and the first month is free!

6. Kahn Academy

  • Kahn Academy is another great resource that is absolutely free. Kahn offers a variety of daily and weekly lesson plans, interactive video games, and creative activities that focus on all areas of study.

7. Start With A Book

  • Start with a Book is an online resource designed specifically to help prevent the learning loss kids experience over the summer. The site offers summer learning programs focused on reading and science (including a virtual summer science camp).

8. Camp Wonderopolis

  • Camp Wonderopolis makes summer learning a lot of fun for kids. The site is full of STEM and literacy-building activities. Kids have the opportunity to compose their own music, engineer cities, learn about fitness, science, creativity, and more.

In Conclusion

We hope these online resources help you get this summer started off right! It is important to keep your kids active and engaged in learning long after the (virtual) bell rings. As parents, we are our children’s first and primary teachers helping them learn through every year and every season. Stay cool and stay confident – Navigate STL Schools is always here in St. Louis to help you keep your kids as bright as the summer sun!