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Gifted & Talented Power Hour!

Thursday, August 8th from 12pm to 1pm we will be hosting a gifted & talented workshop for parents and caregivers navigating the “gifted and talented space” on their K-12 educational journey. This event will feature guest Speaker Dr. Tracy Bednarick, President of the Gifted Association of Missouri Board, and Ms. Laura Falk, Executive Director of the Gifted Resource Council of St. Louis. This is a free virtual [Facebook Live] event.

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Our school comparison tool is designed to help you understand the options available to you, even if you already have a pretty good idea of where your student is attending school. You can search by school type, safety & climate, education focus, and more. Getting a feel for the range of programs that are available will ensure you’ve made a sound decision.

Our school search tool is perfect for anyone at the beginning of their search, or anyone looking for information about a specific school.

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Click the button below to to add, edit or review your school’s profile / data on our website.

*If your school organization does not have access to this portal, please email cbaez@navigatestlschools.org for access.

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The process of finding the right school can be overwhelming, and depending on your needs, there can be a lot of information to gather and digest. By creating a Parent Profile, you can easily store your favorite schools, resources, and more.

About Navigate STL Schools

Navigate STL Schools is a St. Louis city focused non-profit organization that helps families learn about the local school system and the school options available to them.

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