Navigate STL Schools Offers Free Online Resource to Help Simplify School Search for City Families

Timely resource for parents as deadlines are approaching for the 2021-2022 school year

ST. LOUIS (Sept. 21, 2020) –Navigate STL Schools, a St. Louis nonprofit organization, is helping families gain equitable access to timely, accurate school-finding information, resources and support at The information-rich resource, started by school families and enhanced by Navigate STL Schools, was redesigned over the last two years with input from more than 200 city parents through focus groups, one-on-one meetings, and user testing.

“Navigate STL Schools helps families determine what quality education means to them and provides timely support and services for finding the best fit school for your child,” said Anna-Stacia Allen, executive director, Navigate STL Schools. “The enhanced website provides impartial information about St. Louis city schools – private, public, magnet and charter – to empower families to find local schools and improve the chances of a successful enrollment.”

Consolidated in one convenient place, provides a mobile-friendly, easy-to-use website for families to search and collect current information such as available school types, test scores, enrollment and application deadlines, and hours and special services to help families become more familiar with their local school options.

The free tool builds upon efforts started in 2014 by local St. Louis parents to provide an online school guide that eased the search process. Navigate STL Schools was formed three years later to provide more resources to the effort, working to reimagine the tool with parents, educators and community organizations.

“We know there are inequities to accessible information within the St. Louis educational system,” said Allen. “We believe by putting valuable information in the hands of city parents we can help level the playing field.”

In addition to providing a best-in-class digital tool, Navigate STL Schools will provide additional support through one-on-one consultation, training and information on finding and comparing schools.

“Navigate STL Schools is meeting a community need by providing a common application or place to view verified information about local school options,” said Allen. “We will act with a sense of urgency knowing that children and families have different needs, and operate in service to our communities when finding the best fit school for your child.”

To learn more about how families can find and access a school that enables each child to thrive, visit

About Navigate STL Schools
Founded in 2019, Navigate STL Schools is a St. Louis nonprofit organization that helps families learn about the local school system and the school options available to them. The organization advocates for equitable enrollment, sharing tools and transparent information about traditional, charter, and independent schools in St. Louis to help families make informed decisions about their school choices. For more information, visit

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