Things To Do In St. Louis This Summer

Things To Do In St. Louis This Summer

Summer is already looking quite different this year for most people. Because of concerns surrounding COVID-19, many summer vacation plans have been scrapped, family reunions postponed, and summer camps canceled. While many summer online learning options exist, we all know that kids need some activities that are just plain fun. Thankfully, fun is still on the calendar this summer! We have a list of things to do in St. Louis this summer.

We’ve compiled a list of camps (some in-person and some online), plus other things to see and do here in St. Louis. Since the availability of these activities is subject to change based on a variety of factors (programs at capacity, schedule reductions/cancellations due to COVID-19, and other circumstances), make sure you visit the appropriate websites for updated information prior to your visit (links provided directly you to specific updated COVID-19 procedures/policies per venue). Whatever your family ends up doing this summer, be safe, and have fun!

St. Louis Summer Activities

Camps (in-person)

  • Vetta Sports – with a focus on sports, kids also experience arts & crafts, creative games, and fun science activities
  • YMCA – safe fun activities with an emphasis on building character and self-confidence, learning new skills and creating lasting friendships

Camps (online)

  • COCA ($40-350 per session; varies with session length, ages, subject)
    Lego music video making, silly inventions, pop songwriting, ballet, and many more creative activities
  • Craft Alliance Center of Art & Design ($85 per 3-day session; includes materials)
    Design a comic book, learn how to make your own stuffed animal, and more
  • Girl Scouts ($50 per week-long session)
    Virtual camp with minimal screen time to encourage girls to go outside and create their own adventures
  • Mad Science ($145-150 per week-long session)
    Have fun with wacky science experiments at home
  • Metro Theater Company ($100-200 per week-long session, depending upon age, half or full-day)
    Kids can tell stories, sing songs, and play with sculpture at Creative Arts Camp, or learn how to audition for a play at Grand Theater Camp
  • Saint Louis Chess Club (free; $20 per week for individualized Grandmaster lessons)
    Offers daily lessons and lectures for chess students at all levels


Remember To Stay Safe

Remember there are things to do in St. Louis. But, whatever your family ends up doing this summer, be safe first and foremost. Once you have determined that you can be safe, then be sure to have fun. Navigate STL Schools is always here in St. Louis to help you keep your kids as bright as the summer sun!